Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 11/365 Home of the Bedford Boys

Every Thursday this summer, through yesterday, have been our "drive 45 miles to Bedford for DD's class" day. She has a final paper to write by Monday night, and then she's done with Bedford for awhile.

These pics were taken earlier this spring - one of the scenery of the mountains west of Bedford, called the Peaks of Otter, and the other of the main fountain area of the National D-Day Memorial.

The National D-Day Memorial sits in Bedford Virginia as a tribute to a company of soldiers in World War II that suffered the highest death toll of any company that served. Known as the Bedford Boys, the few survivors that remain still come to the Memorial Day and Veterans Day celebrations. It's a unique memorial designed to incorporate the beaches of Normandy with metal lifesize sculptures of soldiers struggling through the water, and random fountain spurts that sound like bullets whizzing through the air. In April, we went to a living history event with World War II re-enactors who set up the "night before" Allied camp with tents, equipment, weapons, vehicles, briefing sessions, etc. DD was in heaven.

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