Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 13/ 365 Seriously Blogging

Hi Mom - I'm so glad you're home from that box book sale thingie.
You left so early this morning, you completely forgot to feed me. You forgot to feed the other cats too - but never mind them - more importantly - you forgot to feed ME.

Yeah, yeah, congrats on the 13 boxes of books - later I'll do the climbing on them stuff, break them in and all that - but at the moment... Did I mention you forgot to FEED ME?

Since you FORGOT to FEED ME, I was forced to distract myself by writing your blog for today. I don't think they'll notice the difference.

Just helping out. NOW GO FEED ME. NOW. Or Else.
Love, Miss Serious Black


  1. Poor, poor kitty! What a distracted owner...hey, if you want to come live in my house, you are welcome to do so. Cuddles would love the company:)

    Congrats to Carole on the 13 boxes of books...13 boxes on day 13 of her blog....which a black cat wrote...there is trouble there somewhere!

  2. LOL Carole - you have such interesting cats - who'll give you great poses. Mine are just really dull and won't pose at all :)

    And, did you feed the poor starving thing?

  3. Ha - cats ARE *so* helpful, aren't they??

  4. YES I FED THE CAT. ;)

    And I had totally missed the 13 boxes on the 13th day by the Black Cat - good thing it wasn't on Friday the 13th.

    And Serious is very helpful - she is my tester for "do I dare put another box of books on this stack or is it ready to fall over?"

    Carole & Serious (& still Chewy too)

  5. LOL! What a great photo story! Your cat looks like our indoor cat, Pistol. Seems to have the same attitude too...LOL.

  6. Dang humans, can't live with 'em and well that's it! Ha!

    And didn't even leave the lid off the trash or nothin' huh?

    Oh wait... cats don't do trash do they?