Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 17/365 Paris Hilton, Greta Garbo and Grandma Ethel

Spent this afternoon mowing, in and around our 8 foot tall and 8 foot wide butterfly bush, home to what looks to be hundreds of butterflies. These are a few of those flitting around today - they aren't shy at all, several fluttered right up to the camera. All of these were shot by my
daughter who is kind enough to let me display them.

This one posed like a Paris Hilton wanna-be - got into everyone else's shots, danced on every flower, and flirted shamelessly.

This little guy below was my favorite - his wings were black and white stripe like a zebra, but underneath, he had bright red streaks running all through the black and white. He was shyer than Paris, more of a Greta Garbo type. This was the closest he allowed the camera.

This butterfly bush was planted as a thin twig long with 5 others approx 5 years ago, in an effort to solve a problem of no fences to stop the horrid neighbor kid from cutting through our yard. We lost one during a particularily dry summer, but the other four have flourished, and together the four form a huge living wall, as well as being the guardians of our personal pet cemetary (Grandma Ethel and Sweet Girl both sleep here, under the butterfly bushes and ivy).

Every year, hundreds of butterflies cover the bushes. Apparently it's listed as *the* place to stopover during the annual migratory run and that's exactly what I designed the yard for: an safe ecological oasis without any sprays, pesticides, and all the floral buffets any self-respecting bee or butterfly could wish for.


  1. Wow -- nice shots. I love butterflys, and you have quite an assortment. Good job on the yard!

  2. Great shots - and what a treat to have all those butterfies. I always wondered about the "butterfly bushes" - obviously they really work. Is there another name for them? I might actually try and find one and plant it.

  3. The real name is Buddleia davidii,
    and here's where you can find them:

    But local places like Lowe's usually carry them in the spring -more variety online though.

  4. My butterfly bush is so sad compared to yours. :(