Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day26/365 My Greek Runneth Over

My Greek(s) are running over! We have RAIN - massive amounts of rain - all 8 barrels are full, plus another extra barrel, with gallon and gallons running over! Today is our second day,
with hard heavy rains, unlike yesterday when it rain steady, but not all that hard - it's a perfect combo, since today the ground is softened up, and a lot more of the moisture can be absorbed (our soil is red clay here, actually almost exactly like the stuff you can buy for kids to make models from).

The photo below is from the front porch this morning:

Our house sits at the top of a 45 degree hill, and in spite of that, there's a 4-5" deep water pocket across the street, just because there's too much water coming down. There's nothing daming up the gutter, except the water that came down before it -just too much at one time.

Even the gnomes are back in color!

But the one constant to having serious rain is the schnauzers intense dislike for it. The entire day(s) becomes a long series of "coax-them-out-coax-them-to-go-poop-take-them-in-leave-them-in-the-kitchen-till-dry-coax-them-out-again". They hate rain. So when I had the rare chance to photo Millie pooping in the rain, I couldn't pass it up. At this moment she is plotting what to do to me when she gets back inside, since she is certain it is my fault that she is wet and miserable and has icky mud all over her paws.

Up to yesterday our mandatory water conservation has been the unofficial urging from the water department via the newspaper. However in yesterday's mail the OFFICIAL LETTER came, spelling out what we can and cannot do. At the precise moment I stood in the driveway, reading the letter, it started to sprinkle. If that's all it took, they should have sent the letter weeks ago.


  1. That rain reached us today in SE Ohio. It's hard to imagine the massiveness of that tropical storm. To drench Florida for several days and still have enough eneregy and mosture to reach up into the Ohio valley. We're getting nice, moderate rain -- the kind that soaks in well, rather than running off.

    I can relate on the pooping dog. When it rains, Sam doesn't want to go out in either -- and he's a golden retriever, who's suppose to love getting wet. Somebody didn't tell him that!

  2. Chewy loves the rain -he runs around like he's possessed -hits all the puddles- rolls in the grass- has this deliriously happy smile on his face. The schnauzers line up under the cabana roof and stare at him like he's nuts. then he comes in and shakes off the water on them.

  3. We actually got several inches from the storm too. It's still cloudy, but no rain today.

    Frosty hates rain too - he runs down the steps and under the picnic table that's nearby.

  4. Your Greeks and Gnomes never looked so good:) Poor Millie...I shudder to think what she would do to you if she knew that you had a picture of her pooping and put it up on the Internet...oh the shame!

  5. Awwww....poor Millie! Mine *hate* to go out in the rain. They will "hold it" as long as they can to avoid it.