Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 73/365 Furry Chewy Goes Green (In A Good Way)

Gnomes have been spotted in the garden -a sure sign that spring is on its way (well, at least in Virginia).

To celebrate all things green, Chewy's started a new blog. This one is so he can ramble on to his hearts content about rain barrels, gardens, blueberries, natural kitty litter, and basically green living (or at least a valiant attempt to live green).

Moonshine Capitol will continue wandering through history, and occasionally the two interests may intersect, especially the way my mind rarely follows a straight line anywhere.

Feel free to join Chewy over at Green and Chewy:


  1. There is definitely some warmth in the air, but never fear, the high is supposed to be 34 on Monday! BTW, it appears you new blog doesn't have a RSS feed...tsk, tsk;)