Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 87/365 Grey Kitty Knocking

We moved to from Virginia to Minnesota twelve years ago Sunday, driving down with 2 trucks packed full. Upon arrival, we backed one of the trucks up into the front yard, opened up the door, and took a brief walk around the yard. When we came back to the truck, a large black and white cat was sitting on the front steps. We have never been entirely sure she didn't wander into the truck in Minnesota and make the trip with us, or if she was the "Welcome Kitty" for our new neighborhood, and just adopted us.

For the next eleven years, this beautiful kitty hung around our house, affectionately known as Sweet Girl. When my husband set up a woodshop out in the garage, she took up residence out their, taking over one of the comfy chairs. In the winter, it was her private apartment, complete with thermal heating pad, a thick plush sleeping rug, and her own heat lamp. But it was more than a few of those eleven years till she would allow us to pet her or occasionally pick her up. Coming inside was never a consideration and any discussion of a trip to the vet was met with a raised tail and a condescending sniff.

Then, a year ago this month, Sweet Girl started losing weight, and sticking close to us. Within a week, she passed away, simply laying down and going to sleep.

During her last year, she had started having other feline visitors: a large golden cat, a serious shy brown tabby, a somewhat rowdy grey tabby, and a final visitor, a fluffy grey kitty, with a touch of tabby, and huge glowing green eyes.

What we didn't realize is that she was "interviewing" for another house cat, to take over for her, and watch out for us.

The fluffy grey kitty was apparently approved of, and after waiting an appropriate amount of time, became coming around again to check on us.

After a year, he (or she) is feeling comfortable enough to eat a good meal on the porch in back, then settle in for a nap on the sunny front porch. Today, he let me take pictures (albeit through the window, but we're definitely getting somewhere).

The first profile, looking down the street, new master of the front yard.

Contemplating his new responsibilities, and the advantages of a full food bowl, a warm porch to sleep on, and a safe shelter during storms.

Finally, the first portrait.

Those huge green eyes really do glow - they are almost a mint green.

Thanks, Sweet Girl - you picked a worthy kitty for our family.

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  1. What a lovely tale - I'm sure you're right - she was passing on the baton.