Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 98/365 Birthday Wishes to Will and Shirl!

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
(William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice)

Today's historical vortex sweeps up the unlikely pairing of Shirley Temple and William Shakespeare, both masters of their craft (and both, in the old sense of the phrase: song and dance men).

William and Shirley also share their momentous birthday with an odd mix of famous folks:

  • William Penn who founded Pennsylvania (like it was lost before he got there)
  • James Buchanan (the 15th President, whose fiancee committed suicide)
  • Vladimir Nabokov (Russian writer of books that high school students don't read)
  • Max Planck (physicist who thought of quantum theory, which I don't understand)
  • Halston (his first name was Roy, and his clothing designs are classics)
  • Valerie Bertinelli (yes, the one on the Jenny Craig ads, but also from 1970s TV)

So Happy Birthday to all, and in the immortal words of Shirley Temple:

You know what?
I bet you don't know
what day this is.

You forgot, I bet you
that it left your head.
You know what?

I bet you I know
what day this is,
'cause I've got the
calendar marked in red.

Blow your whistles
this is Curly Top's birthday
Ev'ry girlie and boy
will get a toy and lots
of candy and cake.

Shake your rattles
'cause it's Curly Top's birthday.
With a hop and a skip
we'll board the ship
upon the lemonade lake.

Old "Captain January" will smile
and welcome you,
He'll sail the "Good Ship Lollipop"
and we will be the crew.

Beat the tin pans
this is Curly Top's birthday.
From the ends of the earth
A happy birthday to you!

Lyrics from Curly Top (1935)

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