Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 171/365 State of Confusion

It's a sad little day for Virginia.

After a year of relative sanity, of actually moving towards a future where religion is not the defining component of state policy, where money is spent on public education and safe day care for children is a desirable goal, and above all, where women are considered to be equal citizens,today the Commonwealth of Virginia took a resounding, paranoid two-step backwards into ignorance.

After today's election, we now will be governed by a torrid threesome of religious fundamental conservatives that:

Do not support equal pay for equal work (remember that when your daughter is paid less than her male co-worker)

Do not support raising teacher's salaries to the national norm (remember that when your child's school cannot find staff, because teachers have an interest in earning a living wage)

Do not believe that employees should be able to sue employers who fire them because of their gender, race, or national origin (remind your daughter she has no reason to complain when she's fired from that job where she earns half as much, and the reason is because the owner noticed she's also Polish)

Do not believe that local social services should provide any assistance to needy families (remember this when you are laid off, and need temporary food stamps, or meds for your kids, or a roof over your head)

And lest we women make any silly decisions as to whether or not we can afford a new baby -

This newly elected unholy triumverate does not believe in contraception.

For anyone. At any time. For any reason.

Need we mention they are also anti-choice?

Ladies of Virginia, begin to breed, get out your housecoats, put away your books - you'll be staying home ala June Cleaver, while hubby goes off to work to support you and all your yung'uns.

Call me in four years when we begin yet again to repair the damage that is about to be done.


  1. Does that mean I get to eat bons, bons and watch soaps on TV? Oh, happy days are here again :)

    What in the world was I thinking working to get Deeds elected?

  2. Only if you meet hubby at the door with pearls/heels/makeup, and have dinner waiting on the table....