Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 173/365 Please Note

Now that some of my delirious happiness has mellowed over the passing of the health care bill (in the House of Representatives, yes I know we have a long way to go) I feel compelled to note that the bill is not all it should be.

Of course it's not all I would want it to be, since I am a fan of the Evil Socialized Medicine (it works for most of the other civilized Western countries, therefore we should be smart enough in America to figure it out, but apparently not), HOWEVER, today I would like to draw your attention to the helpful meddling of the government in yet another personal decision.

That of abortion.

I'll wait while you all jump up, flapping feathers and waving hysterically to argue your particular viewpoint again.

Now that you're done:

The new bill was originally written to embrace the Hyde Amendment (you know the one that says no federal dollars may be spent for an abortion), originally passed into law in 1976.

Trying to get past the idea that the law of the land says abortion is a legal, medical procedure for any woman in this country, but okay, whatever, the Hyde Amendment has been the law for 33 years.

Yet, in order to get this current health reform bill passed, Catholic bishops, the creepy "Family" cult (not familiar? read this book, and count on losing sleep at night afterwards) and never mind the pro-life lobby, all ganged up to include a special, special, super-duper provision that no government insurance option or exchange could ever provide insurance coverage for abortion, except in cases of incest,rape, or endangerment of the life of the mother.

Read that carefully.

Low-income Americans, self-employed Americans, and any Americans that participate in the government option or insurance exchange programs will never, ever be able to receive coverage for an abortion, except in the cases of incest, rape or endangerment of life of the mother.

Federal dollars you say? Well, yes in some cases. There will be credits for those who need them to participate in the government option or insurance exchange.

But not in all.

Any American who chooses to join the government option or exchange can use their own hard-earned income, either partly or in whole, to purchase health insurance through the government.

But they still will not be able to be insured for an abortion, except in the case of incest,rape, or the endangerment of the life of the mother.


Sounds like a group with religious beliefs just decided what all the rest of Americans, who may or may not share their religious convictions, will be permitted to buy with their earned, taxable income dollars.

Perhaps that group will next decide that your income may not be used to purchase insurance that covers birth control (because they don't approve), or health care for your sick child (because their religion doesn't endorse medical intervention in the will of God), or medical care on Saturdays (because that's their holy day).

Once again women and their right to choose (irrespective of what choice any particular woman would make), just got traded by the big boys again.

And I do mean big boys. Why is it that in all the pro-life press conferences, the vast majority of the folks getting all red-in-the-face and holier-than-thou seem to be middle-aged white boys?

I'm betting they never discuss the virtues of MY tax dollar paying for Viagra perscriptions.


  1. AMEN, amen and amen. Many of my relatives are Canadian. They just chuckle over our holy rolled saved and sanctified "health care" system. And the sad part is that they are right; we elected these people.

  2. Socialized medicine in England is mostly not available for anyone 65 and over. They worked and paid taxes, and now their taxes won't pay for diagnostic tests needed for their health because they are being marginalized out of the health care system. I'm 54, will I have access to diagnostic tests when I need them? How old are you?

  3. Actually, Anonymous, your information is wrong. This is easily cheked by googling National Health Service, or even more easily, asking any citizen in the United Kingdom -services for each
    citizen are available freely, irregardless of income or ability to pay, or age. This includes diagnostic testing, major medical, dental, vision, and preventative care, in short, whatever medical is needed. Please check your facts more thoroughly. I did consider just deleting your misinformation, but thought it important that others be shown that they always need to check information for themselves, rather than repeating agenda-serving misinformation.