Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 203/365 Earthshaking

Breaking news: In Beirut last Friday, a senior Iranian cleric has explained that women who dress "immodestly" are to blame for the recent rash of earthquakes.


Being sortof vaguely familiar with ideas of "modesty" within the Muslim religion (some women wear headscarfs, some wear a half-veil over the face, and some wear the full-length all-covering burqa), I wish the cleric had elaborated.

I realize American non-Muslim women (and I guess American Muslim women who choose not to wear the various scarves or garments) are of course considered immodest.

And most European women.

Most Asian women, barring the Muslim parts of Indonesia (who may or may not follow this part of Islam).

Most Australia women.

Most South American women.

Most Central American women.

You see where I'm going here.

And what of the mostly male bastion of geological and seismographic scientists? How in the world did they miss something like this? It's not like men to miss a chance to blame women for something.

That day in 1906, in San Francisco - did some group of turn-of-the-century women all remove their bone corsets at the same time?

Considering that short sleeves, short shorts, dresses that go 'way above the knee, and for that matter, the bikini and it's skimpy descendant the thong, have all been evolving for close to 80-90 years - what took the earthquakes so long?

No one seems to be dashing about covering up.

Does this mean the big one is imminent?

Apparently so, since the cleric's explanation followed a prediction by the Iranian president that a big quake is certain to strike Tehran, and 12 million people will die.

And of course, an earthquake *will* eventually hit Tehran, simply because it's sitting on major fault lines.

What's not explained is why the big earthquake (caused by immodest women) would hit Tehran, which is Islamic, versus hitting just about anywhere else in the world, where, logically, there is a much higher count of immodestly dressed women.

Say, any public beach in the U.S., Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio, the French Rivera, South Beach in Miami.....

I'm just sayin.

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  1. if the good lord had wanted us to go around nekked, we would have been born that way!