Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 43/365 That One Last Perfect Fall Day

Looking down our curvy street.

The new neighbors front yard. We raked up all their leaves this weekend for our garden.
Actually, half of "their" leaves were ours that blew into their yard.

The big 100 year black walnut tree in the backyard. Bumper crop of walnuts this year, and they all went home with my dad, who cracks them open by running over them with his tractor.

The fast-spreading, always present Virginia Creeper. First to green up, last to turn red.

Garden box is all packed up for another year. Benches are cleaned and sealed. Locust tree
has turned golden yellow in the corner of the puppy yard.
And now it gets cold.


  1. What beautiful colors, Carole! This was a nice thing for me to view today...our day has been cloudy and dreary here.

  2. We get your weather tomorrow -I'll have to come look at my own pictures!