Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 123/365 Same Hate, Different Day

March 10, 1933.

Recognize these folks? Mom out shopping with her two daughters on a busy city street.

I have a habit of relating history to pertinent dates in my own family's history. It helps me put things in perspective and keep the timelines straight. On March 10, 1933, my mother is eleven days away from being born.

In other words, this could be my grandmother, out shopping with two of my aunts.

Summer, 1933.

My aunts use to wear these same little white undershirts - no air conditioning back then.

May 1940.

Another street scene, this time a more grown-up family holiday, a time when grownups and young adult children both wore hats.

In May 1940, my mom was finishing first grade, wearing these same heavy-duty leather shoes all day (but kicking them off at the back door before she went out to do chores-shoes were just for school).

Still don't recognize the girls? This photo of one at her writing desk should help.

And of course there's the famous one.

Particularily heart-wrenching this week.

I wonder if she had been allowed to live until today (her 80th birthday), if Anne Frank would "in spite of everything ... still believe that people are really good at heart".

'Cause I have to tell you - I'm not too sure anymore.

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