Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 157/365 Never Cut From Memory

Against my love shall be, as I am now,

With Time's injurious hand crush'd and o'er-worn;

When hours have drain'd his blood and fill'd his brow

With lines and wrinkles; when his youthful morn

Hath travell'd on to age's steepy night,

And all those beauties whereof now he's king

Are vanishing or vanish'd out of sight,

Stealing away the treasure of his spring;

For such a time do I now fortify

Against confounding age's cruel knife,

That he shall never cut from memory

My sweet love's beauty, though my lover's life:

His beauty shall in these black lines be seen,

And they shall live, and he in them still green.*

If, over the last 40 years, you've been black or female or sick or disabled or poor or pregnant, searched for affordable housing, needed Meals On Wheels, wanted to play on a women's athletic team or attended a school or college - take a moment to thank Teddy Kennedy for being your senator.


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