Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 164/365 Help The Real Victims!

It's not often that I asked my gentle readers for help, or point them in the direction of helping others, but this time, the situation is dire.

Please refuse to support the public option or even refuse to support ANY health care reform, since doing so would take food out of the mouths of health care executives.

Please agree that if you have ANY pre-existing health conditions, you certainly are not entitled to insurance that would cost the insurance companies even a dollar.

Please agree to continue to send in your increased premiums every month, because the health insurance companies really NEED that money.

In exchange, they will check and doublecheck your claims, and deny them for many different reasons (a variety of options), from typos to a long-since forgotten cold you had decades ago.

The insurance companies are only thinking of you, and in exchange, we need to think about them, and their overworked executives.

After all, who's more important? You and your family, or the health insurance companies?


  1. I'm glad you figured out how to add this! :)