Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 281/365 In Memory of A Good Dog

Whiny Muncy passed away this morning, May 25, 2011, at 10:25 am, at the age of twelve and one-half years. He spent his last evening sitting with his mama then waited through the night, until she could sit with him again this morning.

Although he earned his name as a pup, as an adult dog, he was always easy-going, ever-affectionate and loving, and loved nothing better than to sit in the nearest lap. He was the proverbial "good dog", and any pup would be proud to live up to his standards.

Whiny was the son of Millicent (Millie) Magruder Muncy and Maximillan (Max)MacGregor Muncy. He was one of three pups, with two litter brothers, Lucky and Shy (of West Virginia), and one younger adopted brother, Chewy.

Whiny was preceded in death by both his mother, Millie (May 2009)and his brother, Lucky (May 2010).

His mother and father were both Missouri puppy mill survivors. As a result, Millie had numerous emotional and physical issues resulting from her treatment as a puppy. Many of those health issues were passed to her litter.

Whiny now joins his mother and brother sleeping with the butterflies, leaving a huge hole in both his human and his fur family.

Whiny Muncy

November 11, 1998 - May 25,2010


  1. This is the only downside to having a really good dog. My condolences for your loss.

  2. There is nothing better in life than a Good Dog. RIP Whiney.


  3. I am sorry, Carole. Does this leave you with just Chewy now?

  4. @Melissa - Chewy and Max are the only two now - the youngest and the oldest. The first couple weeks were rough, but they are doing much better now.