Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 283/365 Old School Technology

A couple weekends ago we went to the annual "sale to end all sales" and found lots of "good stuff". More interesting are the items you see and never knew existed. Like the 4 foot tall set of three camels, made from actual dried camel skin.

There's more run-of-the-mill things too - like this early Sixties General Electric stereo. I've seen plenty like it - spent hours spinning my Beatle records on one just like this.

But not exactly just like this - this one is the first I've seen with a reel-to-reel built in with the turntable and top-of-the-line AM/FM radio.

What's weird is that this last weekend we went to another sale and lo and behold, there was another stereo cabinet -early Sixties again - but a vertical cabinet standing close to 7' - complete with AM/FM, turntable, and a reel-to-reel. Plus hugemongous speakers on either side. I got to watch another mom explain to her boys what "reel to reel" was. Never mind the turntable.

But this is what we actually came home with. Yes, it's even more old school than the GE set - it's a 1920's Victrola - complete with hand crank. No electricity needed.

Needle included, and one 78 already on the turntable.

Who needs an ipod?

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