Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 285/365 Classic

Walked out the door today to a virtual WALL OF FREAKING HEAT...as in 107 degrees.

And instantly traveled back in time to 1974...

Hotter-than-hell July - heat shimmering on the road- trees all dusty- no breeze whatsoever - riding in my cousin's Chevy SS - spinning out on mountain curves - windows down -laughing at everything- and the radio cranked up as high as it would go...playing the best Southern band ever....The Allman Brothers (second only in my own personal triumverate to my boys from Liverpool).

Reminded me of a time when the South was cool, in between the Bull Conner Days and today's Tea Party occupation. Back when tall skinny Georgia boys with beautiful long hair could take a simple guitar and create magic.

When I lived up north and flew home for visits, Southbound was playing on my headset when we passed over the first Appalachian Mountains - kindof a homecoming song for me - odd hybrid exile that I was.

In college it was The Allman Brothers that I stuck on the turntable on the first day back in the dorms - just so everyone would know where I came from.

Can't remember how many times I've seen them in concert - none recently -but as soon as I heard Gregg had a new CD out, I ran out to buy it, forever grateful that he made it through the last 30 years and seems to have come out okay, unlike a lot of us.

And it was The Allman Brothers I gave to my daughter - she has her own signature song. Pretty sure she was the only newborn rocking out to Jessica.


Makes 107 degrees totally bearable.

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