Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 294/365 Bamboozled

Pickings were scarce at today's estate sale but we did find this late 1890's bamboo and wicker sewing table.

You can see the bamboo ribs in the legs, with slightly bulbed feet and a gradual outward splay in each leg.

The second shelf is wicker set inside a wooden frame.

Best of all, the wooden top is hinged along one side to allow the top to lift up.

A divided wooden tray sit inside, waiting for thread, needles, buttons and other sewing sundries.

The wooden tray sits on two wooden rails, leaving a large open compartment underneath -meant for scissors, patterns, extra fabric, cut quilt blocks or other larger sewing supplies.

All I need to do is clean it up, decide whether or not to paint it (the brown isn't original), and then migrate it over to the booth.

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