Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 52/365 It Takes The Other End of the Village Too, The Sequel

It takes all kinds to sustain the ceramic economy. Green's Garden & Floral sits in the commercial district on the main drag. Inside, all sorts of Christmas floral arrangments are being created, and the lights are burning late while the clerks fill last-minute orders.

Looking over the rooftop of the bookstore, the Catholic Cathedral is on the left, next to the neighborhood pub (which has just had several crates of Coke delivered for tonight's party). In front of the pub the lamplighter is up on his box stretching to light the oil lamp.

In front of the cathedral, kids pose with Frosty the Snowman, and sell tickets for the school Christmas play, while the Coke peddler drives his horsedrawn wagon away from the pub.

To the left is the Toy Emporium, and on the right, the corner of the Tattered Corner book store.

The Toy Emporium in all it's glory - two lighted glass towers full of elves putting together toys -trains, toy soldiers, dolls, you name it, it lives at the Toy Emporium.

And here's our final destination, my favorite, the Tattered Corner Rare Books store. Chewy and I will be inside reading at the fireplace.

Have a very Merry Christmas from our village to yours!


  1. It's lovely Carole - where do you display it?

  2. I particularly like the Toy Emporium and the Tattered Corner Bookstore! I'll meet you there!

  3. We have an 8 ft long glass display case from an old store - previously the inside was the turtle habitat, now it's home to the Halloween Village. But at Christmas the top of the case is the Christmas Mile. It's sortof odd, cause if you look down, you can see the little Halloween skulls shining up between the Christmas buildings. But that pretty much sums up our house.