Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 54/365 CATZILLA

Doesn't look like there's enough room here for a 10 pound black cat with a wide butt, does it?

And yet, there is. Catzilla prowls the Christmas village, terrorizing its tiny residents, who cannot be seen, but who are running through the ceramic streets, screaming in Japanese and pointing up in terror.

Somehow, Catzilla attacks the village without knocking down a single building, tearing up a single gas main, knocking over any nuclear reactors, or attracting the attention of any military personnel.

Except for the Catzilla Airlift Reconaissance Team, experts at extracting giant creatures from the village streets they have invaded.

The tiny people are cheering, saved once again from the Giant Creature and It's Deadly Hairballs.


  1. Amazing! Our neighbor's black cat knocked a 25 pound vice off my husband's work bench -- boy, I'm glad that cat likes us!

  2. LOL, love your stories Carole!

  3. LOL!!!!! You tell the best stories, Carole!

  4. Love the story. I can identify with it.
    Well done. :)