Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 65/365 Seriously Now....

So this morning after being woken up by Oscar (our tabby cat with the build of a quarterback), listening to harassment for treats by Luna (our older, more distinguished black kitty), then tripping over the five pups (Max, Millie, Lucky, Whiny, and Chewy) while trying to get to the door to let them out and then almost immediately in again to wolf down kibble - after all that, it dawns on me I haven't seen the baby kitty, our little Miss Serious Black.

So I put the pups out and went searching for Miss Seri, in all her usual places. This time she was one step ahead of me, but I remembered seeing her:

In just about any empty box that's meant to pack books in,

Running up the steps looking guilty,

Smooshed down in between the homeschool books and the windowsill, next to the bamboo shade that gets warm from the sun, or

on top of the homeschool software, when the windowsill gets too warm. Finally, this morning I gave up searching and sat down to work, only to find Seri in her new favorite spot.

There she was, tucked under my monitor, next to my Amazon paperwork file, just over my keyboard, easily within paw-reach, in case she needs to reach out and pat me while I work.

Or proof-read. Whichever she feels is more important.

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