Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 79/365 I Promised Millie....

...That she could have her day in the moonshine county. She's the only little girl in a menagerie of five rowdy pups. Plus she is cursed with fine, uncontrollable hair, as well as having numerous "issues" that make her neurotic and nervous.

In Millie-world there are concerns about opening doors, closing doors, getting wet, getting dry,going up ramps, coming down ramps, getting in the bathtub, not getting in the bathtub, going outside, staying inside, and more than anything: grooming, including brushing and having nails clipped.

So we have a routine: we convince Millie to allow a bathtime at home, followed by towel-drying:

Then she allows one of us to run exactly four "stripes" of the clippers down her back.

At no point is anyone allowed to touch 1) her face, 2)her ears, 3)her legs, 4) her paws or nails, or 5) her fuzzy butt.

For this reason, the routine includes a trip to see Caitlyn The Much-Adored Groomer, who is allowed to do all these things, mostly because Millie is sedated. We fondly know this as The Magic Nap.

And I promised Millie that even though she is not a giant sea reptile, or Shakespeare, that I would put her newly-coiffed picture up today. Right after I reassured her that the bandana does not make her look fat.


  1. Poor Milly - a bad hair day is not good for a girl's confidence. That pink bandana sets off her new look beautifully!

  2. Millie, you look beautiful, dahling!