Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 74/365 Nessie in the Snow

Finally we get snow in Virginia, the first amounting to anything at all in the last 3-4 years. Like many other places, it started yesterday and continued all night (went out on the front porch last night and it was almost a whiteout -very mystical with the wind howling). This morning we woke up to 8-10" this morning.

Actually, we woke up to a guy out front yelling at his truck for getting stuck in the snow. He totally discounted the possibility that he wasn't paying attention and drove into the huge snow drift himself.

Just before we started shoveling and throwing IceMelt everywhere, I took these photos of Nessie. The top one is early last night, when Nessie was slithering and circling around the wintertime Swing Garden.

I brushed her nose off a little. She appreciated that.

But this morning, her snow hat is back again, along with a pillow-y effect on her main hump.Everything else is disguised as well, even the yuccas.

A couple hours later, the driveway is cleared so DH can get back up it this evening when he gets home (he goes to work, no matter what). Plus being the homeschoolers we are, we used the icy, snowy driveway as an opportunity for DD to experience driving on snow and sliding into a snow bank.

Weather forecast: 70 on Saturday.

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  1. First, I am SO jealous y'all got 8-10"!! We only got between 2-4! :) I LOVE the photos of Nessie though!! That is SO awesome! Ahh .. just when I was getting bummed out thinking all yards had to look the exact same, Nessie to the rescue! :)
    That's very cool that you took the chance to let your daughter get in some bad-weather driving practice too. Very resourceful.