Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 192/365 Bri

Sometimes you get these phone calls out of the blue and they always seem to be bad news. This time it was a bittersweet call from an dear friend, to tell us about the death of another dear friend.

I have looked and looked to find our pics from the old days but no luck yet. So I borrowed her facebook photo - I know she won't mind. I especially like it because it looks exactly like her, as if she's just on the edge of laughing.

This beautiful face belongs to the young woman who became a part of our family when my daughter was two years old. She went from being my daughter's teacher to her friend, to our family friend, to essentially a second daughter and member of our family.

Eventually we moved away, and we kept in touch a little less than we should have. The last really long email I got from her was last July, when she briefly shared that the doctors had diagnosed her with uterine cancer. Then she moved on to how her young son was doing, and how proud she was of him.

Somehow between then and yesterday, the cancer won. She leaves behind a huge loving family and many, many friends, including our family.

Bri, just knowing you was a joy. Your love for my daughter and your friendship to our family was always appreciated. No matter how far away we moved or how infrequently we spoke - you remain in our hearts and we will always love you.


  1. I'm so glad you found my mom's blog. And sorry to hear that you got the news about Bri too late. I am Briana's cousin, Sarah, who sent many of the update emails. I wonder if I had your email? Bri was a fighter. She believed that her God was a big, big God and would take that cancer away. I believed it too. Part of me still does. Briana was loved by so many people. She touched so many lives. Keep up on my mom's blog. She'll post more stories and pictures. I don't know which friend contacted you, but if you can get my email from them, I'd be happy to tell you more. (that way I don't make it public to the world). I'm glad you knew her and loved her. And that she was in your daughter's life. Thank you for loving her so. - Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah -
    Chezron (Ronnie) Svenningsen called me about Bri - she went to the visitation for both of us. She and Bri worked together at the Y in St. Paul years ago. My email is - I'd love to hear from you.
    Love your mom's blog although the videos of Bri just made me cry. She was such a sweetie.
    We wish nothing but the best for Jahmari -this is such a load for him at such a young age.

  3. What a beautiful young lady. Heaven is blessed with another sweet Angel.