Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 195/365 Piddling on History

Spend much time studying history and the one thing that becomes apparent is that what goes around comes around. There's nothing new under the sun. We all share common experiences.

For instance, sometimes my dogs piddle in the livingroom.

Turns out there are dogs who piddle in Pompei too. On the historic ruins. Ruins a volcano didn't even destroy.

But, piddle can.

Generations of stray dogs have made the ruins of Pompei their home for decades, relying on the kindness of tourists for food and water.

In fall of 2009, the city of Pompei made a humanitarian effort - they began gathering up the pups, giving them microchips and collars, and names like Meleagro, Odone, Plautus, Vesonius, Polibia, Menade, Licinio, Eumachia and Caio. Shelters have been established outside the city and adoptive families are signing up.

All because the dogs mark their territory by piddling on the ancient frescoes, mosaics and statues.

Mine just piddle on the treadmill.

The Cave canem mosaic in House of the Tragic Poet

BTW, thanks to google earth, you can now walk through Pompei

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