Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 204/365 And then there were three....

Lucky Muncy, son of Maximillian Magruder Muncy and the late Millicent MacGregor Muncy, passed away this morning, at the age of eleven and one-half years, almost a year to the day after his mother.

Lucky was one of three pups, including his brothers Whiny and Shy (of West Virginia), and his younger adopted brother, Chewy.

Of his entire family, Lucky was the adventuresome one, the Indiana Jones of puppies, the one who would roll with the flow,go anywhere, try anything.

Lucky was the one who chewed through the refrigerator power cord, when it was plugged in, and astounded the vet by still being alive. Lucky was the one who went camping, and rode in the front of the boat showing no fear.

He was the heart of both his puppy family and his human family .

Lucky was the easy-going one when it came to grooming, and his favorite spot was sleeping in mom's lap while she trimmed mats, and tidied up his beard.

His second favorite spot was under mom's desk, in front of the little heater.

Lucky Muncy
November 11, 1998-May 5, 2010
Now sleeping with the butterflies, and sorely missed by his family.


  1. I told him what my dad said when he was dying, that it would be beautiful to slip away into the light, out of his tired little body. He just slept on, his nose resting on a leaf. You gave him a good life. RIP, Lucky.

  2. RIP Lucky - he was a lucky boy to be in your family.