Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 225/365 Morning Glory Genocide

First we had the long hot summer. Then we had a series of torrential rainstorms (including the one last Thursday that dumped a tornado on us). The end result was an explosion of plant life (but not the stuff I actually planted-that stuff is deader than roadkill). Above is the path out to my garden. Probably infested with snakes and crickets.

And the side of the house, by the mail box.

And the side of the driveway. There's another foot of pavement hiding under there. If we only had one car, this would be charming. But we have three, two of which need to fit side-by-side, meaning the person parked next to the morning glory bank has to wonder if she's stepping on snakes (that person would be me).

Enter the $15 Halloween prop bought at a yard sale, and sharpened to a fine edge by my daughter. It's a vintage hand scythe, also known as a tobacco knife here in southern Virginia.

It's wicked when swung - cuts through everything, even the thick woody Virginia creeper hiding under the morning glory, and the wall of Paradise trees.

The resulting carnage.

If the rain keeps up, this will be completely covered again in another two weeks.


  1. Holy Camoly! I've been trying to get that stuff to grow here :)

  2. Hey! Carole In case you haven't seen it, check out the morning glory pics on the At Home in the Garden Blog on Martha I thought of you when I read it!

  3. Janice! WOW! I'm not sure which is more impressive - that they got the morning glories to climb that high, or that the morning glories haven't taken over the entire apt building. Architectural decorating with morning glories - very cool! Here's a link for anyone else reading this:

  4. But I love morning glories! Although, that's a little much in the spot they're in. Hubby, the green thumb in the family, doesn't. He pulls them up when they volunteer. And it's funny. The only ones that will grow in our yard are volunteers. I tried planting some seed once and nothing happened. I even snipped the ends off some and soaked them just like they say to.