Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 227/365 Adding An Artist

While wandering the net trying to cleanse my brain of the images left by the afore-mentioned author, I found Rob Gonsalves, the Canadian artist responsible for the above painting Medieval Moonlight.

Thanks to years spent at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, I've developed a love for mystical, Escher-like artists, starting with Randall Spangler (Sanctuary of Knowledge, below....also known as my dream house)

We own several of his large paintings, way more than we have wall space for.

Now I'm hoping to add a Rob Gonsalves to the collection. Maybe this one (Towers of Knowledge -- I think it's a painting of my current livingroom, minus the sunrise):

Must be that time of year - my renaissance roots are showing...

Huzzah! (and I miss you Renfest, big time).

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