Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 269/365 Heavenly Road Trip

The building known to most mortals as The Library of Congress.

Known to me, a mere booklover and bookseller as Heaven...



The Emerald City, so to speak.

Spent this afternoon there, at a special exhibition of Thomas Jefferson's Library. You know, the one Tom donated after the Brits burned our first Library of Congress in 1812, and again in 1814? I actually got to stand surrounded by the Jefferson books, all shelved inside enclosed climate-comtrolled glass bookcases, arranged in a circular seashell spiral pattern. In a wing of the Library of Congress. **Best freaking Christmas present ever**.

No photos allowed (hard on the books). Sorry. Also no touching allowed. Really sorry about that (more for me than you). Still, just being that close to Jefferson's books almost made me cry. They are the Holy Grail of books.

And the titles? Lots of French titles (Tom spoke fluent Francois. I do not.). As well as A History of Mineral Waters, Microsope Made Easy (publiished 1744), History of the United Provinces (that's us), The Workes of Sir Thomas More, Franklin on Electricity (yes, written by his friend Ben Frankin), Natural History of Zoophytes, and Every Man His Own Gardener.

And approximately 3000 more.

While I couldn't take pictures of Tom's books, I did get this view from a secluded alcove in the Library. That's the Capitol, and way in the background the Washington Monument.


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