Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 228/365 When The Levee Breaks

Sick of the Katrina anniversary yet?

Yeah me too.

Five years ago I watched the coverage late on Sunday night as the news stations chortled that New Orleans dodged the bullet again, and, knowing better (as did most NOLA folks), got up at 5 am Monday morning to watch the levees break - knowing my city would be underwater in hours.

I haven't watched any of the documentary films. They still make me sick.

Mostly I remember days of hearing this song run through my head.

If it keeps on raining levee's going to break
If it keeps on raining levee's going to break
When the levee breaks have no place to stay

And every year I am reminded of the hours and days I spent combing the various message boards trying to find word of friends who didn't pick up their cell phones.

Four of them never picked up and I'm pretty sick of remembering that too.

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