Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 232/365 Nothing At Georgetown is worth $56,660 a year

Sorry it just isn't.

Once again I am pondering the cost of higher education as I watch my daughter start year two at one of our local community colleges. Her associates of science degree can be complete in two years, but she will most likely stick around for a third year, simply to knock off even more basic classes at the lower community college price.

Then she is hoping to transfer to a more-or-less nearby four year school to get seriously into forensic science (read: bones and grisly topics). Even so, she will graduate with approximately $25-30,000 in debt.

This is ridiculous.

The cost of higher education in this country is shameful. There is no rationale for it, no justification.

There is no reason one year at Georgetown should cost near the equivalent of buying a house in many parts of our country.

I wonder if this includes textbooks? Textbooks alone qualify as scam number two. Never mind that many of the science and math books come with an access code to allow the studen to work online as well. For a book that cost $140, I expect not only the book, but the access code as well, *and* I want the author to come over to my house and explain the difficult parts, at my convenience.

Education loans are right in line behind underwater mortgages and medical bills in terms of destroying the financial base of this country. Thirty-somethings that should be raising families and buying homes and contributing to the economy are instead working minimum wage jobs and struggling to share rent with friends, just to pay their student loans off.

Something isn't right.

Even the Washington Post knows it. And they're in Georgetown's overpriced backyard.

15 Colleges That *ARE* worth the price, meaning they understand college is for education, not cushy jobs for profs, and least of all for football.

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