Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 236/365 Fever

So it's a cool rainy fall day here in Virginia, all grey and gloomy. Good day to have tons of books to list and work against a deadline.

And a perfect day for jazz, specifically Miss Peggy Lee.

I have vivid memories of watching my parents dance to this in our kitchen. Even though I was seduced by my four boys from Liverpool at age 8, jazz was always the background soundtrack for most of my life. Somehow I forgot that for the last 15 years or so.

The last few months I've been rediscovering why I loved jazz so much.

And Fever is just mindblowing.

"and what a lovely way to burn......"

****I have been taken to task by my less than impressed DD for not mentioning that *she* first found the Peggy Lee clip and mentioned it to me. Thereby reminding me of it. She found it first. So there.****

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