Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 107/365 And Now A Message From Your Cat

Barring any important anniversaries or counterculture memories, this is an appropriate moment for a message from: ME. Seri. Your Kitty.

This morning I discovered an open kitchen window. The great outdoors was so close, I could taste it.

If somehow I could have just pushed that window up, just a bit. All it took was a little more muscle. Another little shove.

Oh hey - there's a bird.

And there's that grey kitty going after it. HEY! I SAW IT FIRST! HEY!

I wonder if I could fit through that little opening....

Oh. Hi.

What do you mean "What am I doing?" I'm not doing anything. Why would you think I am "up to something?" I am not up to anything.

Go away.


I'll get down.

But that grey kitty is out there eating that bird.

It coulda been me.

All I needed was a little more muscle.

Or YOU coulda left the window open.

Woulda helped ya know.

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