Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 102/365 My Life Is An Open Book

Or 10,000 open books anyway.

It's Big Book Sale Season again (versus Monthly Book Sale season). Wednesday was one of our two annual setups for a library sale in a county just north of here. Meaning we hauled home 7 boxes of books that day, including lots of military history for DD.

Today, after letting our backs recouperate a couple days, we went back for the Box Sale. At a library sale that's usually the last day, when all the remaining books are sold by the boxful for a set price, in this case $2.00 per box. I LOVE BOX SALES!

And there's always good books that have been missed. Today there were 15 boxes of good books. Lots of paperbacks, and even a few vintage hardbacks that were donated at the last minute, so the main crowds missed them completely.

Of course I rescued a copy of The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon (my favorite author, out of many favorite authors). I have a policy of buying copies of her books whenever I see them - paperback or hardback - leaving them in a library sale or thrift shop would be too much like leaving good friends on the shelf. As a result that means I have at least 10 copies or more of each of her books. Several complete sets. Sets with dust jacket artwork from around the world. At least one complete set that is signed by the author herself. At least three sets that have been adopted out to carefully vetted adoptive homes. I retain visitation rights, with no prior notice.

Lots of history here -several of these will go in the homeschool classic lots. By the time I am done sorting paperbacks, my eyes are swimming and all the books look the same.

Except those irritating oversized paperbacks. Not quite trade paperbacks, but longer than regular paperbacks. They pack easily........nowhere.

I want the name of the guy who thought those were a good idea.

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