Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 108/365 A Passing

Today at 6 p.m., Miss Millicent MacGregor Muncy lost her battle with cancer.

She was the much beloved spouse of Maximillan Magruder Muncy, an excellent Mama to her four boys, Shy, Lucky, Whiny, and Chewy Muncy, and a most cherished and loved companion of her human family.

Miss Millie has been laid to rest with her favorite blanket, next to Sweet Girl and Miss Ethel, underneath the blue vinca and butterfly bushes.

Miss Millie earned her favorite phrase "good girl" every single day, and has left her family with wonderful memories: bunny hopping while walking, drowning out the TV with her favorite squeaky fish toy, dancing on her toes, going for magic naps and being so proud of how pretty she was afterwards, and most particularily snuggling on the couch.

She will be most sorely missed.

Millicent MacGregor Muncy

January 15, 1998-May 11, 2009


  1. I'm so sorry. What a beautiful girl she was!

  2. I'm so sorry Carole, they are just not with us long enough are they?

    Hugs to you all,

  3. Sorry Carole, she was a sweet one. Sounds as if she had a wonderful doggie life though--and will be fondly remembered! Take care.....

  4. Carole - you wrote that extremely well and I surely know she was loved by reading it.