Saturday, June 19, 2010

214/365 Even Hotter, and More Humid Music

I had forgotten how much I love Le vie en Rose. So I went looking for more versions, including Angelique Kidjo, accompanied by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band....all in French, summoning up shades of Edith Piaf.

But instead of shades, how about the real Edith Piaf (World War II vets will recognize this, as one of the immortal songs):

And lest I forget, Edith's best friend, Marlene Dietrich, sang it too:

La vie en rose has the most impact sung in French, and Sophie Milman's version is late-night jazz perfection:

And in a supremely bizarre effort to pull me out of my nostalgia track, the version by Grace Jones (think of her as the original Lady Gaga):

That's it. I promise. My favorite is still the Louis Armstrong version I grew up with.


  1. I sat here listening to these with a fan softly blowly only slighty cool night air in on me. Thank you for a wonderful moment.

  2. Ah - as usual... Carrie gets it. You're very welcome.