Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 218/365 End of Another Era

Yesterday the first oil showed up on the beaches at Ocean Springs Mississippi. Thanks to prevailing winds and shifting water currents they had been lucky so far. The closest friends I made on these beaches were killed in Katrina. Now the beach is gone too.

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  1. and people traded in their fuel saving cars for SUV's, even after being made aware that on so many levels, oil was not the way of a wise future. why? fear. After Reagan -- an actor bought by oil and big corporations to play president -- there was an all out media push to make people feel fear in small cars. the speed limit was raised from an energy wise 55 mph to a fuel-wasting 70. americans bought it all, bought war that was waged to capture sweet crude in the middle east. still buy the war. still buy the fear. stop buying.