Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 210/365 In With The New

My daughter keeps asking when I'm doing a blog for the new baby -the Hyundai Sonata. I keep muttering "when it proves itself" but I guess I have to give it up for the little car. It's gotten her safely back and forth to town, on the local "highway of death" with it's bazillion semi-trucks, weaving pickup trucks and air-headed cell-phone users.

I can't show you the best thing about it, because if I had a picture it would mean there was reason for its numerous airbags to deploy, and that's bad. It has airbags everywhere. I'm the mom. I love that....

.... just as much as she loves the CD player, and the cold air conditioning, the big trunk, and the power. (This car flies. I appreciate this much more than she does, since she is a by-the-rule driver. I am a rules-are-made-to-be-broken-driver. Plus I think it's important to know exactly how fast your car can go. And how tight it can hold a twisty mountain road. Can you tell I have a moonshine ridgerunner in my family tree? )

Plus it has cupholders. Only someone who jumped from 1986 to 2008 in car history can appreciate this.

And best of all: even more bumpersticker space.

And yeah - it's a little DEMOCRAT car. Go Perriello!


  1. The care is really cute...except for that bumper sticker...but, we can't be perfect;) Cuddles says she likes it and would love to take a ride in it!

  2. Cup holders are not always great if your partner is cac-handed!
    I understand your comments about the locals, my son is coming over for a month soon, to visit our cousin in Goochland, and last time he was there the area between his head and shoulders almost turned crimson and he was only there for 2 weeks! ha ha.

  3. a by the book red head. mutation?