Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 239/365 Familiar

Our rural conservative county residents seem to dislike black cats in particular, especially this time of year, and so, there's a high probability of finding black kittens or adult strays at the dumpsters.

That's okay.

I love black cats. My lineage of black cattage includes Lucifer, Merlin, Ozma, Luna, and Serious Black - all stunning with enormous gold or green eyes.

And October is definitely Black Cat Month. All of ours are kept indoors so that the mobs with pitchforks and torches don't find them (I am only halfway joking -last Halloween some enterprising teenagers thought it would be a treat to douse a black kitty in gasoline and set her on fire. Don't ask my opinion on an appropriate punishment would be. )

My Scottish great-grandmother believed finding a strange black cat on her porch was a harbringer of good fortune and prosperity. She ended up owning half the valley, so she may have been right.

Whenever the pups are outside, the black kitties come down and take their rightful places.

Sometimes on top of my printer....

Sometimes perched on my shipping table....

Sometimes hiding under my monitor, right over my keyboard...

Or draped all over the homeschool supplies.

The ancient Egyptians were right: they are after all gods, and they will never forget that.

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