Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 240/365 It's Close To Midnight....

What is this current fascination with zombies? I love a good zombie as much as the next person, having grown up with tales of zombies rising out of the bayou, sponsored by the local voodun priest, but lately vampires are getting shoved aside for....zombies?

Oh please.

Vampires have style and grace with an attitude (albeit a bit on the cold side). Zombies have rotting flesh and fluttering disintegrating bandages, never mind they can't walk five feet without losing an appendage.

After spending years listing romance novels, I can spot a trend and currently paranormal romances are spiraling out of Hot Vampire-Lusty Werewolf-Land directly downward into Gender-Confused Rotting Zombie Country.

Even Jane Austen and Abraham Lincoln are flirting with zombies. Our local Halloween store has a Zombie Baby Playground, complete with bloody sharp-toothed toddlers. I'm a parent. This doesn't scare me. This is everyday life.

I've always thought of myself as a radical progressive, but this time I'm not getting it.

As always, thanks to the late great Michael Jackson for making zombies cool.

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