Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 253/365 I Think It's a Ghost, Scooby...

Did I grow up believing in ghosts? Is the Pope Catholic?

Give me a haunted graveyard, haunted house, haunted stretch of road, haunted car....even a haunted junk yard like Puckett's shown up above.....I'm happy.

It's not a belief I take lightly, nor does it come to me secondhand. I've lived in several haunted houses, done my share of amateur ghost hunting, heard my name called by invisible things in empty rooms, and felt the brush of fingers on my arm when no one was there. My great grandmother is a ghost, for crying out loud.

I've also read various theories on ghosts covering every possible angle of "what if", including the everyday explanation of a spirit-who-cannot-pass-over-for-whatever-reason, the haunting-as-revenge approach, the life-force-energy-left-behind-because-of-a-traumatic-death, the ghosts-are-demonic idea, and more recently a geologic explanation for supernatural sightings.

Supposedly many hauntings are located over areas with basalt or magnetite, either above or below ground. A quick search turns up Edinburgh Castle -one of the most haunted places on earth -sitting -sure enough -on a giant bed of basalt. Tower of London, chock full of ghosts and walking appartitions, again, sitting on and full of stones of basalt. Even the Stanley Hotel in Colorado sits atop a huge bed of magnetite. The existence of magnetite plays havoc with EVP recording devices, but aside from that there is the idea that these sort of rocks fall along fault lines, and fault lines generally have a higher electro-magnetic field (which might account for that feeling that one's hair is standing on end, or someone is watching).

And then there is a pesky experiment by a university in Canada that involved participants and electromagnetic fields. They found that the higher the EMF level, the more participants report seeing shadow people or ghosts with several even hearing voices. The immediate conclusion is that EMF's cause hallucinations.

Of course, there's another way to look at that. Is it possible that a high EMF level simply allows people to see what is actually there?

I mean, there is that whole other theory that what we call ghosts are simply a glimpse of a parallel layer of reality, where people are going about their business in the next dimension, completely unaware we are viewing them.

And people have differing EMF levels in their brain, depending on exposure, which could account for some being more "sensitive" to hauntings,etc. than others.

One of these days, science will explain ghosts down to the nth degree, putting all the theories to rest.

I'm dreading that day. Somethings are simply better unexplained.

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