Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 242/365 Dead Dictionary

"What does it take to convince you that the dead do not always rest in peace?" *

Interesting definitions:

Astral Body: An exact, non-physical replica of the individual physical body which separates at death and occasionally before death. Sometimes seen as an apparition, phantasm, ghost or haunt (i.e. the famous Brown Lady in the above photo)

Clairaudience: Extrasensory data perceived as sound (i.e. those voices heard in the night breeze)

Clairsentience: Extrasensory data perceived as heightened feeling or awareness (i.e. that "feeling" that someone's there...or something)

Dualist Hypothesis: The view that the human mind is partially non-physical in nature, and could, therefore, theoretically, survive the physical dissolution of the body and brain at death (and, logically, communicate.)

Haunt: Paranormal phenomena connected with a certain location, especially a building. May include apparitions, poltergeist manifestations, cold spots, sounds of steps and voices, lights and sometimes fragrances (should cover most of my personal experiences).

Poltergeist: Literally "noisy spirit". Might include lifting, throwing and/or breaking objects, setting fires, and sometimes injuries to people. (Pretty much covers my aunt's experience).

Precognition: Prediction of random future events. Not to be confused with deja vu. (not really useful, but entertaining enough to blurt out "I knew that was going to happen" and have no one believe you.)

Second Sight: A term used in Celtic folklore. (Or by cryptic Scottish great-grandmothers, particularily one who continues to haunt her home, 45 years after her death).

Think of this as a guide to this month's postings.

*The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

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